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Living a healthy and vibrant life often feels like searching for the Holy Grail! The truth is – reaching optimum mental, emotional and physical health is all about learning which of your current habits are keeping you unhealthy and swapping them for healthy ones!


Join Denise Christie of Health and Harmony on her show “A Vibrant Life” as she interviews guests who have their own powerful stories about how they are now living a healthful and vibrant life.


Whether you want to learn more about general physical or mental wellbeing, are navigating your way through an illness, or just want to hear some great tips and tools for health along with some motivational music thrown in for good measure – this is the show for you!


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Denise Christie is an award winning Health and Fertility Coach and runs a business called Health and Harmony. Her two passions in her business are helping couples who have struggled to conceive and helping women live a healthy, vibrant, fertile and fabulous life ... from menses to menopause.


Because we all deserve to live vibrantly!

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