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“Bibletalk is a show where we let the Bible do the talking! Each week we seek to look at probably the most important book in human history and see what it is and why it matters. We simply read the Bible together, look at the history, culture and context of the time, and see if we can learn anything that would be relevant for us today. There is no great experience needed, and we don’t dig into religious traditions or history, simply just read the Bible, and see what it says. As well as reading the Bible together ”

Jonny Pollock is a part-time Bible teacher and has a great passion for understanding the history, culture, and context of the Bible. He loves to remove some of the mystery surrounding the Bible, and encourage people to read it for themselves.

Jonas Baur is a self-confessed atheist who prior to being on Bibletalk had very little knowledge of the Bible. He asks insightful questions that are likely shared by many, and also produces the show very skillfully!

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