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The Filminator

The Filminator is a fortnightly 30-minute show that covers all the latest cinema blockbusters. The newest binge-worthy shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. From time to time guest contributors also give reviews. The show also wants to give time and coverage to any local filmmakers and film festivals.

 So let The Filminator take the worry out of choosing your next film or show to watch! 

Paul Flaherty is a newbie to the world of radio. This is his first-ever show to present and produce for radio! As Well as this show Paul also pops up on The Afternoon Show with Dave Gardner every Saturday with a weekly Telly Tips Slot.

Paul is a regular visitor to the cinema and a regular viewer of the small screen too!  Some of his favourite films include the Marvel series. Batman, Superman and James Bond. On Netflix, Paul was a big fan of Dark the german time-travelling series and also The award winning The Crown. 

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