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Do people make actual mixtapes anymore, a tradition lost perhaps?.. but if they did, what would be on them? What would be on Dave's Mixtape? Most likely it would be those classic anthems, those forgotten 70's/80's/90's classics, and probably something from the new generation "funk/jazz fusion" genre that you'll stumble upon while on YouTube & Spotify! So basically... Just.Great.Music! 


What would you, the people of Loughrea pick for you're Mixtape, lets get you talking, requesting and get you involved! We always associate music with memories, right? So what memories have you of what was happening in Loughrea back in the day, ...for example in 1984 when The Style Council released their 7th single Shout to the top, what were you doing in Loughrea that year?? 

Let the memories come flooding back and LET US KNOW!

Dave Gardiner, musical dad of three, full time musician and owner of well established Galway band "Who Knows" grew up listening to a wide variety of music ranging from Hard Rock,70's/80's/90's and Funk/Fusion. He comes from a very musical home and he and his two brothers have been performing music since their early teens. In recent years, Dave grew an interest in Radio Presenting and in 2015 completed the Radio & Sound production QQI Level 5 course at Galway's GTI and Galway Bay FM. He has also worked with Midlands103 in Tullamore, which provided him with great experience and knowledge into the behind the scenes workings of a radio station both from a sales/marketing point of view and presenting, as he also helped present interviews and performed live links alongside the main presenters when doing outside broadcasts. He has also worked with the production department on Midlands 103 as a voiceover, recording VO's for some of the commercial adverts placed with the station. Today, Dave is delighted to be part of Loughrea Community Radio and looks forward to interacting with the people of Loughrea by bringing you his weekly show "The Mixtape". 

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